Two Years of Self-Hosting


Just under a week ago, this website at this domain name turned two years old. I've had a website in some form since early 2017, which means I've had a website for over five years, but I've only been self-hosting for the past two. went live on 2020-04-03.

I've overhauled it several times, changing its appearance and structure, adding and removing pages, switching from raw, static HTML to PHP and back, then switching from handwritten HTML to a static site generator and back again. As I write this on 2022-04-08, the entire site is in static, handwritten HTML and each page is a little different.

Despite all the changes, some pages have stayed basically the same in their content. Some of the oldest pages on my site are the page about the computers/software I use, the page about cool lights, and the page about my watch collection. One of the first pages I made was dedicated to my calculator collection, which now has its own dedicated site on a subdomain.

This site has become very important to me. No project or hobby of mine has taught me as much as hosting my own website. When I was younger and browsing the old internet where everyone had their own site, I always wanted one too. Now I have one, and I'm committed to keeping it online, and keeping it simple and document-driven, uncorrupted by the bloat and spyware of other sites online today.

I wish to thank everyone who has visited my site over the past two years, and everyone who has sent me e-mail. I look forward to keeping this site online for years to come.