Computers and Software I Use


My current main machine, which I got in the summer of 2021, is a Lenovo ThinkPad T450, with a 1TB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i5-5300U CPU @ 2.3GHz

Other computers I own that I use as backups are my Lenovo ThinkPad T61 laptop and my Dell Optiplex 380 desktop.


My laptop dual-boots Debian GNU/Linux 11 Bullseye and Windows 10 Pro. In Debian I run the GNOME desktop environment (but I'm on the fence between using GNOME and MATE).

The programs I use most are Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Geany, Vim, GIMP, FileZilla, LibreOffice, HexChat, Transmission, and Clementine, and on Windows I use PuTTY to SSH into my servers (but on Debian I just use the ssh command in the terminal).