Frequently Asked Questions

The title is a bit deceiving, as I rarely get asked any questions at all about my site. But in case you were wondering, here are some answers to some questions:

Why is your site so simple/ugly/bland/etc.?

How long did it take your browser to load this page? That's why. That, combined with low-power server hardware and my own stylistic preferences (I like green), is why my site looks the way it does.

Where are you located?

New Brunswick, Canada.

What are you studying?

I'm studying computer science and math.

When, why, and how did you make this site?

This site went live on April 3rd, 2020, during quarantine/lockdown/whatever you want to call it. I had a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4B lying around that I'd gotten for Christmas and had never really used, so I thought I'd mess around with it. I installed Apache and made a site that could be accessed from my local network. I then decided to buy a domain name, and the site's been up ever since.

I've since upgraded to a 4GB Pi, but the original Space Hippie box still runs a couple of services on my local network.