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This site is my outlet to publish whatever I want to publish. I use it to talk about things that interest me. But beyond the content I publish here, this site has a certain goal. I wrote this site to be what, in my opinion, is an ideal website. In this document I will talk about why and how I did this.

I think the modern Internet has strayed from its purpose. What was a Wild West of different people's websites hosted on their own servers, each slightly different from the last, is now a walled garden of curated 'content' posted by users to a small number sites all owned by a handful of megacorporations. This site is different, and this document will explain why.

1. This site is homemade from the ground up, and self-hosted.

When you visit a website, your computer is connecting to a remote server which then delivers the site back to your local machine. Often, this server is in a warehouse somewhere. But not here – when you visit this site, you're connecting to a credit-card sized Raspberry Pi 4 model B in the basement of my house.

Furthermore, I don't use a CMS (content management system), a static site generator, or any kind of scripting to run this site. When I want to make a change to the site, I edit the raw HTML and CSS on my local machine, and then I connect to the server via SFTP and upload it to my web directory. I don't log into Wordpress, or run a script on a Markdown file to generate HTML – this is a 100% homemade website.

2. Documents, not applications.

I think web apps definitely have their place, but that place is not on a personal webpage like mine. I don't serve up megabytes of JavaScript or crunch lines and lines of PHP server-side before serving a page – everything on this site is in raw HTML and CSS. I don't even use a common stylesheet.

3. Text is what matters.

The most important part of any website is the text content. Thus, most of this site is text. Because that's what matters, not fancy menus and images. I use images when they're relevant to the content, and sometimes for backgrounds, usually semi-ironically, for fun.