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I'm Hayden, and this is my homepage. I'm a student from New Brunswick, Canada studying mathematics and computer science. You can learn more about me by clicking here. You can contact me here.

This site is self-hosted from a Raspberry Pi 4 model B, running Raspbian and Apache. It went live 2020-04-03.

My calculator site has moved! Visit it at calculators.haywalk.ca!

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My Websites

This site, www.haywalk.ca, is my personal site. These are the other sites I run, all hosted on the same server:

Hayden's Calculator Museum (calculators.haywalk.ca)
This site is dedicated to my growing collection of calculators. I wrote it myself in PHP. I'm not very good with MySQL, so I have my own crude database made up of PHP files and images in different directories.
Space Hippie (wiki.spacehippie.ca)
This site is for the public services I run, like IRC, Minecraft, and tilde hosting.
My Git Server (git.haywalk.ca)
This is my personal Git server where I put my code. I mirror it with my Github but my Github isn't always up-to-date.

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